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  • CMV Machine Vise
CMV Machine Vise

CMV Machine Vise

 CMV Machine Vise 

1. MC times to pressurize the vise, apply to vertical and horizontal integrated cutting machine FMS system to do heavy cutting.
2. Gripping light, efficient and labor-saving, can reduce the labor intensity of employees.
3. Tigers with semi-circular ball under the pressure structure, can eliminate the tiger's mouth floating and the workpiece tilt.
4. Velvet body using high tensile tensile graphite cast iron (FCD60 ~ 60kgs / mm). (80,000psi) strong tensile strength, not easy
to deformation.
5. Seal and other key parts of all German oil control brand-name products.
MC angle solid / Ken times fine hydraulic vise: high power type full range of precision hydraulic vise, for vertical and
horizontal integrated machining center, ordinary milling machine, rocker drilling, planer, boring machine, and other Mechanical

model model open length(mm) clamp force(kgf) gross weight(kg) dimention(mm)
4 CMV-100V 130 4000 25 530x150x185
5 CMV-130V 180 4500 38 600x180x200
6 CMV-160V 240 4500 55 670x210x215
6 CMV-160VL 300 4500 60 750x210x215
8 CMV-200V 340 5000 87 800x250x240


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