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  • Mc Pneumatic Double Lock Vise
Mc Pneumatic Double Lock Vise

Mc Pneumatic Double Lock Vise

 Product function and feature:

It is time-saving, labor-saving, efficient and fast, which greatly reduces the labor intensity in the production process and

improves the production efficiency.

According to the need, make the clamp die suitable for your own product and install it on the clamp.

It is mainly composed of cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, clamp body, clamp slider, guide shaft, adjusting nut, etc.

The pneumatic vise must be firmly fixed on the workbench. The two compression screw must be tightened. There is no

loosening phenomenon during the processing, otherwise the pneumatic vise will be damaged and the processing will be


model open length(mm) clamp force(kgf) gross weight(kg) dimention(mm)
CPV-5"-80x2 80x2 6000 47 630x210x235
CPV-6"-125x2 125x2 6000 60 730x250x240



It is a fast fixture suitable for mass production and processing of double-axis compound machine, CNC machining center,

milling machine, drilling machine, etc.


1. The clamping force 0-6000KG is freely adjusted by the voltage regulator, and the switching speed is only 1.5 seconds.

2. The clamping safety distance can reach 6MM and automatically find the highest air pressure source: when the copper and aluminum products are lightly processed or cast iron primordial heavy cutting, adjust the required pressure with the adjuster, and the air pressure source will not be at the low point. Failure, and automatic pressure and voltage regulation to ensure workpiece clamping.

3. It can be docked in the CNC system signal to control the pneumatic oil pressure vise to automatically loosen the clamp to achieve automatic clamping

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