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  • Hydraulic Machine Vise
Hydraulic Machine Vise

Hydraulic Machine Vise

Hydraulic Machine Vise,VH-4,5,6,8

1. Constructed for milling, drilling, sharping, grinding and many other machine shop applications
2. Body is made of high quality ductile cast iron, resists deflection or bending.
3. Sliding bed ways flame hardened and ground.
4.Concealed spindle for protection anginst chips and dirt.
5.Hydra-booster system for maximum clamping pressure with minimum force.
6.Quick of clamping  & locking and easy of operation.
7.Accuracy within 0.02mm.
8.Furnished with or without swivel base.
9.Hydra-booster system is guaranteed for using 2 years limited.
10. The hydraulic oil number is 68#.

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