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  • electric tapping machine M6-M36
electric tapping machine M6-M36

electric tapping machine M6-M36

Electric tapping machine M6-M36

Flexible arm electric tapping machine Specification
Spindle speed(when tapping):0-200RPM
Working arm: 1350MM
Tap holder:M8-M36 any 8holders

Flexible arm electric tapping machine's function

1. Overload protection, adjusted the torsion constantly taps, the main axis in radius 1350MM/1900 MM arbitrary move.
2. Light, flexible, efficient and with other advantages. New electric tapping machine to avoid the lathe, drilling machine or manual tapping limit, save time, energy, and not easy rotten teeth, taps is not easy to break.

Electric tapping machine features
a. torque stable, life long
b. repositioning rapidly, quick cutting speed, high production efficiency; torsion clip guarantee taps can make less damage; Through holes, blind holes taps constantly, screw teeth high precision;
d. Working range can reach 1900MM, the heavier work no need move.
e.the operation is simple, light weight, high efficiency, low intensity, suitable for all kinds of weight homework

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