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  • universal tool and cutter grinderTR-6025W
universal tool and cutter grinderTR-6025W

universal tool and cutter grinderTR-6025W

TR-6025W  Universal Cutter And Tool Grinder
Universal cutter and tool grinder's function
Multi-functional adjustable table,inner circle grinding device, 50A 3-jaw motor grinding attachment,50B high speed grinding attachment, 50H Universal tool grinding attachment, 50C Lathe tool grinding attachment, AMT linear guide 2 sets(imported),Wheel dresser, Grinding wheel, taper shank 3 pieces,Tool Kit.
Grinding range: inner hole, cylinderical, cylinderical surface, groove, taper, endmill,disc cutter, lathe tool,square and rhombus cutters, rolling cutter and so on.
Universal Cutter & Tool Grinder's Specification
Max.Grinding Diameter:250mm
Inner bore of the grinding work piece:10-50mm
Longitudinal travel of the Operating Table:330mm
Horizontal travel of the Operating Table:150mm
Elevating Distance of Wheelhead:150mm
Rotating Angle of Wheelhead:360°
Speed of Grinding Wheel:4200 / 7000 RPM
Horse Power and Voltage of Motor:3/4HP,380V
Total Power:1HP
Height of the head holder:135mm
Taper hole of the main spindle of the head holder:MT4#
The max.hold capacity of the head and back holder:230mm
Area of the Operating Table:130×680mm
Grinding Wheel Size:150×16/50×32mm
Net/Gross Weight:212kgs/225kgs
Package Size:730×730×715mm

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