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  • Universal tool grinder TR-6025Q
Universal tool grinder TR-6025Q

Universal tool grinder TR-6025Q

Universal tool grinder

Product Name: Universal tool grinder(TR-6025Q)

Both HSS cutters and Carbide cutters are available for sharpening.
Precision Linear guideway makes the table stable and smoothly operated.
All of formed cutters, butt mill, end mill, R-shaped mill, cylinder mill, face and side mill, single-angle mill, reamer, turning tool, R-shaped turning tool, hobber, drill, tap, graver, strong cutting tool, chamfering tool, round paper knife, plane grooves and profiled faces, etc.
The motor could be rotated 360°, more functions and grinding range.
1) The universal cutter & tool grinder is designed to sharpen various cutters.
2) It also includes many accessories designed for specific functions.
3) From these accessories the operator can set up the correct attachment according to the cutters that need to be sharpen.
4) The machine is able to grind drilling bits, threading taps, end-milling
and slot drilling cutters, face milling cutters, turning tools, circular slitting cutters,
and saw blades (optional) etc.
5) The machines base is made of cast steel construction resulting in high stability during operation.
6) The sliding table is mounted on precise linear ball rails that provide smooth and accurate movement.
7) The grinding head support is made up of double rotating bracket, which allows the head to rotate in both the horizontal and vertical plane.
The head can rotate 360º in the horizontal plane allowing easy access of the grinding wheel to the work piece.
8) The column structure of the machine enables it to lower and raise the grinding wheel.
9) The motorised workhead allows for small cylindrical grinding between centres or if
required single ended work mounted in the chuck.
Max.Grinding Diameter:250mm
Max.Holding Capacity:230mm
Longitudinal Travel of Table:150mm
Horizontal Travel of Table:315mm
Elevating Distance of Head:150mm
Rotating Angle of Head:360°
Speed of Grinding Wheel:4200 / 7000 RPM
Motor Power:3/4HP,380V
Total Motor Power:1HP
Height of The Head Holder:135mm
Head Holder Spindle Taper:MT#4
Grinding Wheel Size:150×16/50×32mm
Net/Gross Weight:209kgs/222kgs
Packing Size:730×710×715mm
Standard Accessories:
Taper shank Arbor MT4#
Ø22x1pc Ø27x1pc(mounted on 50H) Ø32x1pc
Wrench12-14 1pc  17-19 1pc  22-24 1pc
Hexagon wrench M4 1pc ;M5 1pc ;M6 1pc; M8 1pc;M10 1pc
Cross screw driver:6x150mm 1pc

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