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how to identificate carbide tool

here are many types of cemented carbide, the hardware industry is also essential for the times to contact carbide friends, how to distinguish between carbide cutting tools? Here to tell you three ways.

    Carbide cutting tools in the form of the workpiece surface can be divided into five categories. Processing a variety of the outer surface of the tool, such as turning tools, planer knives, cutters, rasp; holemaking tools, including drills, reamers, boring tools, reamers; the thread processing tools, including tap, die, automatic opening and closing thread cutting head, thread turning and thread milling cutters; gear cutting tools, including hobs, shaper knife, shaving cutter, bevel gear processing tool; cutting blades, including a tipped circular saw blades, band saw, bow saw Parting tool blade cutter. In addition, the combination tool.


    By cutting exercise and the blade shape, carbide cutting tools can be divided into three categories. General-purpose tool, such as turning tools, planer, milling, boring tool, drill bits, reamers, reamers, saws, etc.; forming cutter blade has a kind of tool and the workpiece cross section the same or nearly the same shape, such as forming turning tools, planer molding, shaping cutters, broaches, tapered reamer and threaded processing tool; developed into a tool is with exhibition Chengfa processing gear tooth surface or similar artifacts, such as hobs, shaper cutters, shaving cutter, bevel gear planer and bevel gear milling cutter.


    Carbide tool material broadly divided into the following categories: high-speed steel, carbide, cermet, ceramic, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, and polycrystalline diamond.


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