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The difference between different kind of dividing head

Type of universal indexing head can be divided into the F11 universal dividing head, BS semi-universal dividing head, F2 Simple fast indexing points index head, dividing head of the rapid attainment of the F3 strength.

Different types of sub-dividing head not the same, I offer you a brief introduction about a variety of universal dividing head features cut difference.

F11 universal dividing head model F11100A F11125A, this F11160A several specifications, the center height, respectively, as the 100MM, 125MM and 160MM F11 suitable for processing steel materials can be Vertical & Horizontal, at the same time, and milling machines with the hanging The spiral groove milling round. F11 universal dividing head on a milling machine attachment, the use of sub-scale ring and cursor positioning pins and sub-dial, and gear exchange, filled with cards in the top or chuck on the workpiece into any angle can be The circle is divided into any equal parts, auxiliary machine tool using a variety of different shapes, a variety of grooves, spur gears, helical spur gears, the Archimedes spiral cam processing.

BS semi-universal dividing head for the semi-universal sub-index head, suitable for machining steel is not strong workpiece. BS degree head model BS-0, BS-1 BS-2 BS-3 three models.

BS-1/0 semi-universal dividing head is a simple universal indexing centers can be used to direct, Profile indexing for specific indexing and spiral processing, including, without accessories, but the indexing the structure of the head and tailstock are consistent with those type of Wanli. Direct indexing plate 24 holes to allow the direct sub-degree 2,3,4,8,12 and 24, there are standard accessories, including Germany 3 flat profile available, can make any number from 2-50, not determine the number to 380.

BS-2 universal dividing head centers have been designed to support all types of gear cutting. Precision indexing and spiral operation (except for BS-0), more accuracy and efficiency than ever before. The center plane can be tilted from the level of 90 ° until 10 ° vertical and tilt can be seen since the dial number. BS-2 sets of Eagle Universal dividing head with FC30 main manufacture of high strength, suitable for milling machine, drill press or other special machinery for quick and easy segmentation using. You can direct dial can be the 2,3,4,6,8,12,24 equal parts fast segmentation with the Honeycomb plate also can do the 2-380 ranges were split. Adjustable tilt angle is 0-90 °. BS-2 universal dividing head can be attached jaw chuck to do axis machining; with the milling additional gear do not even move processing.

BS-3 universal dividing head, suitable for general indexing and gear cutting and other processing purposes. Design, through the large aperture of 55.5mm. The hole taper is the the MT6 Morse taper, the main adjustable angle of 0-90 °. Handle, center spindle gears are made from high quality steel, heat treatment and precision grinding, the tailstock is designed to dovetail shape, solid structure can be durable, can withstand severe cut, and adjust the angle. Additional gear with the milling machine, you do not even move processing. Additional three-jaw chuck, do axis machining.

F2 Simple fast indexing and indexing head may be lying Li dual-use indexing faster, the more general dividing head installation quick and easy split of the annex to machine the workpiece in milling, drilling and other machine tools. Simple fast dial operation lever alone to complete the program as follows: light folder, indexing, positioning the lever to restore its once completed, to indexing, as long as the light switch to the choice of the dividing head around button. can with the select button positioning, repeat use. Select the groove down to locate the position of the groove up to the targeted locations. Dividing head can be divided to 24 equal parts, a flat, 15 degrees.

F3 strong rapid attainment of the dividing head spindle and machine tool table into horizontal and vertical both cases, the wide range of uses. Can be used for milling machine, grinder, drill press and planer, the workpiece into 2,3,4,6,8,12,24 attainment scale ring on the spindle and the cursor may also make use of arbitrary indexing.

The difference is that the F2 and F3 F3 scale handle, you can see the scale graduation.


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