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The difference between ordinary twist drills and reaming bit

Reamer and twist drill has the following characteristics:

A. Good rigidity. Reaming on the back of cut is small, the chip is less shallow and narrow flute reamer, large diameter core drilling, to increase the reamer part rigid.

Two. Oriented. Reamer 3 4 knife tooth, an increase in the number of the tool around the edge, guiding role is relatively enhanced.

3. Chip condition is better. Reamer chisel edge to participate in cutting, cutting light, can use a larger amount of feed and higher productivity; less because of the chip, chip removal smooth and difficult to scratch the machined surface.

Therefore, reaming and drilling, high precision machining, surface roughness values ​​lower drilling axis error correction and to a certain extent. In addition, the machine for reaming and drilling.

Reaming means:
1. Be expanded at the bottom of the drill hole at the bottom or some type pier, in order to increase the area under load.
2.the method used to increase the inner diameter of the pipes, cups, tilting, or shell hole workpiece using the reaming drill has drilled holes for further processing in order to expand the aperture and improve accuracy and reduce the surface roughness value.

Reaming can reach the size of the tolerance class IT11 ~ IT10, surface roughness value Ra12.5 6.3μm, belong to the hole semi-finishing method is often used as pre-processing before reaming, also can be used as high precision holes The final processing.

Drills, reamers and reamer of the difference

Drill bit and reamer is the same thing, but the role of a difference in terminology is the use of cutting edge drilling; drill bottom hole reamer to drill the bottom hole to be expanded. Reamer is the side of the blade for cutting, drill out the dimensional accuracy is not high, and the hole wall finish the hole after the reamer, twist cut, so that the accuracy of the hole, finish to meet the requirements.

Drill: drill tip, the cutting edges and flutes (spiral or straight flute) constitute mainly used for no pre-cast hole of the workpiece hole machining, the machined hole is generally cylindrical and roughness poor;

Reamer: the cutting edge and flute (welding blade reamer), mainly for pre-cast hole or bottom hole of the hole to expand and improve cylindricity and roughness, but this time the hole is still not can be used as pin hole;

Reamer: the cutting edge and flute (usually solid carbide), mainly used to improve the bottom outlet of the cylinder and roughness;

Above can be seen that they are the difference between the structure and machining accuracy.

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