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screw tap exractor features

1By spark erosion principle, does not damage the workpiece.

2Take the magnetic base for easy clamping. The cost of customer clamping to a minimum.

3 Portable split design, small size, light weight, easy to the processing of a variety of complex situations.

4 For a professional manufacturer of long-term processing of the same product, designed detachable magnetic base interface of this device can beOutreach into the match with a special fixture.

5 head and appliances using split, the working head can rotate, if necessary, the electrode tube can be bentSong 180 °, can reverse the electric erosion machining, and respond to different environments.

6 power of the working fluid in the corrosion process using ordinary tap water, and low cost. The inlet with removable to facilitate theMachine to respond to different occasions and the storage and safekeeping.

7 unique fuzzy processing technology and digital circuits combined.

8 AC servo motor and high-quality electronic and electrical components to ensure quality.

9 simple operation, do not need professionals to operate.

10 programmable time controller (depth control due to the difference between the electrode consumption caused by the instability of the depth controlBe), to automatically disconnect when the total power.

11 pleasing in appearance, chassis and nose spray processing, impact resistance, corrosion resistance.

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