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The brand of screw tap

Ranking did not have a preliminary understanding of the following, the tap of each brand has its own unique, simply choose the appropriate materials to provide the appropriate tap. Each tap can maximize its efficiency.

  Summary: chipless tap sold accuracy; mechanical tap to sell a material; nut taps sold accuracy. There is no other technical activities. To have a good service attitude!

No. 1: Tosg Taps: thread cutting tool manufacturer, under the Japan OSG Group thread tool manufacturer; chipless taps and nut taps, spiral and tip tap of instant noodles, as well as external thread tools also are doing well, the price comparison moderate the quality of the thread tools in the upper, speed, suitable for the Chinese people's tastes, so a large share in China is the world; especially the small crumbs; made a great contribution to the world's IT industry. crumbs tap-class quality; have TOSG spiral tap tip tap TOSG the crumbs to tap TOSG pipe thread tap TOSG nut tap TOSG hand the tap TOSG dental lamina and the bolt on cone TOSG and ring gauge TOSG the threaded plug, TOSG thread ring gauge;

No. 2: OSG tap: Japan threaded tool manufacturer, the world's largest thread cutting tool manufacturer; quality is very good.

No. 3: Hakos tap: German tap manufacturing chipless tap aspects of great achievements, especially the small crumbs; nut taps are also doing well; made a great contribution to the world's IT industry, no crumbs tap quality class .

No. 4: Balax Taps: The United States, the great achievements in mechanical tap and the tap of chipless.

No. 5: Guhring tap: Germany GUHRING: the world's third largest rotary tool manufacturers;

No. 6: YG tap: South Korea taps manufacturer, be regarded as the largest thread tap manufacturer in Korea;

Number 7: YAMAWA tap: Japan thread tool manufacturers, Japan's second largest thread cutting tool manufacturer; quality is the next;

No. 8: Hahnreiter tap: German tap manufacturers, quality and inventory are full of worthy applications; the Germany Hahnreiter Machine Taps (Germany Hahnreiter tap or German Hahnreiter wire tapping): Hahnreiter spiral tap Hahnreiter, tip tap, Hahnreiter crumbs tap, Hahnreiter tube thread tap, tap Hahnreiter nut the Hahnreiter hand taps, the Hahnreiter hydraulic nut tap, tap Hahnreiter content crumbs Hahnreiter blade Hahnreiter down rod Hahnreiter thread cutter, drill bits Hahnreiter

No. 9: UFS tap: Italy UFS tap company was founded 1917, the brothers founded DOGLIETTO, with 60 years of tap manufacturing experience, is one of the most professional tap manufacturer in Europe;

No. 10: Germany, the BASS: 50 years of experience and know-how so that it become the top brands of thread processing, have a high reputation in the industry;

No. 11: Germany EMUGE: a 80 years history of group companies to provide cutting-edge technology in the field of thread processing can be said that the quality and price of the highest tap in the world;

No. 12: German ILIX: rotary tool has a century-old manufacturer;

No. 13: German FETTE: Precision cutter the Leitz its professional R & D and brand of gear cutting tools and thread tapping tool;

No. 14: Germany Neoboss: famous tap manufacturer, the former Germany BOSS Dr. tap, founded in 1905, a hundred years threaded tool manufacturing experience; its original French ARMOR tap and JANIN, thread tools, and BOSS tap combinations together, the achievements of today's NEOBOSS tap;

No. 15: NORIS Germany: Germany has a history of nearly a hundred years old thread cutting tool manufacturers, in terms of content crumbs tap great achievements;

No. 16: Germany prototyp: milling and thread cutting tool the world's leading supplier founded in 1919;

No. 17: Germany VOELKEL: Germany's famous tap brand Earl; thread sheathed wire and thread tap to do very good;

No. 18: Germany WERKO: Founded in 1938, the history of the years of production of high-end twist drill and tap products;

No. 19: DC: Switzerland, the Swiss professional tap manufacturer;

No. 20: Fraisa: Switzerland one of the world's leading tool manufacturers;

No. 21: Swiss MANIGLEY: 80 years of history of the spiral cutting tool production;

No. 22: Spain FERG: one of the five taps brand in Europe;

No. 23: Spain IZAR: from its establishment in 1910, began production of the tap, has a stellar reputation in Europe;

No. 24: the JMC: Spain, the production of taps and reamers more than 60 years;

No. 25: France FEW: 1918 tap and drill bit manufacturers;

No. 26: French TIVOLY: a branch in the United States is the largest U.S. tap the production of private enterprise;

No. 27: United Kingdom DORMER: Founded in 1913, Sandvik's well-known tap brand; it can be said to be the world's largest manufacturer of cutting tools;

No. 28: English SOMTA: 50 years has grown to become the world's only a handful of large professional high-speed wire cone manufacturers;

No. 29: Austria MAYKESTAG: Founded in 1957, one of Austria's largest manufacturer of hole cutting tools;

No. 30: GUHRING tap, is the largest drill bit manufacturer in Germany, the world's greatest expert on the drill bit, to start with a tap, but the quality is very good; quality impact on the world; the left bit and right of the carbon steel, high-speed steel drill The world no one can. There is also the most famous gun drill, gun drill of the world's top. Cooled drill to do the quality is great. Worth recommending!

The highest No. 31: TITEX tap: Germany's largest drill bit manufacturer, in particular, achievements in the field of stainless steel drill bit, drill the world's largest expert, to start with a tap, but the quality is also very good; quality impact on the world; the left of the stainless steel drill and right diamond is the world's unparalleled. Cooled drill to do the quality is great. Worth recommending!

No. 32: TANOI, Japan: Japanese thread tool manufacturers, Japan's third-largest thread cutting tool manufacturers; not very good quality, a low price.

No. 33: the Lubero tap: Germany threaded tool manufacturers;

No. 34: Australian SUTTON: began in 1917, the main products of the taps, drills, milling cutters and other rotary tool;

No. 36: Gertus U.S. tap manufacturer.

No. 37: HHG tap, tap manufacturer in Taiwan, is mainly the quality of the nut taps, there is no advantage.

No. 38: the Thread gauges: JBO Thread gauges: is Europe's most sophisticated thread detection tool manufacturing facility, product JBO thread plug gauge, thread ring gauge, the JBO die, JBO thread cutter.

No. 39: the Vermont gauges: the most sophisticated thread detection tool manufacturing plants, products, Vermont, threaded plug, the Vermont thread ring gage.

In short, the tap of the manufacturers in Japan and Germany, the most technologically advanced, people need to work place.

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