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Lathe tool post grinder install manual

lathe tool post grinder
Of round grinding machining of light production industry, the appearance and nature of the work was decisive for
Use, especially precision machinery parts, sometimes the size precision required ± 0.003mm, working in a development
Address this need concentricity processing industry where work was increasing, dedicated lathe grinding machine is
Difficulties and needs of the design, which is configured as shown in Figure 1.
Lathe but dedicated grinding machine lathe for this grinding machine, lathe device immediately
Let a lathe three working machinery (lathe, bore grinder, OD grinder), the lathe hair
Play the highest efficiency and practicality, but also save the cost of purchase diameter grinding machine; lathe dedicated research
Mill device to the lathe, and engaged in within, the outside diameter of the wheel of mill processing of the examples shown in Figure 2, as shown in Figure 3.
OD grinding machine lathe prerequisites:
First, adjust the seat of the base and the center needs to use high grade iron, precision grinding and scraping processing, high spindle center
The degree can be used for precise adjustment.
, Motor and pulley precision balance correction, rotation stability.
Third, the number of motor rotation up to 3800 r.p.m.
Fourth, belt elastic adjustment.
V. spindle nose wheel flange and the inner diameter grinding spindle interchangeable, for the inner diameter of the outer diameter and a variety of sizes
Grinding spindle alloy steel ground after heat treatment, with high-speed precision bearings combination of rigid excellent
Benign, accuracy within 0.002mm continuous operation for more than three hours, the temperature rise of less than 15 °.
Diameter grinding machine lathe before Note:
Grinding wheel axis is adjusted to the level of the position.
Second, adjusting the level of alignment lathe center point and a straight line.
Third, adjust the tightness of the pulley.
Fourth, determine the rotation direction of the wheel.
, Wheel subject to the precision balance correction, rotation can be stable.
Sixth, the normal temperature of the grinding machine = indoor temperature +15 ° C
Diameter grinding fixed in 3800 r.p.m.
Eight sets of axes interchanged to wipe clean.
9, the main body should pay special attention to non-impact, so as to avoid loss of precision.
Ten, before the start wheel grinding, be sure to cut the Cheng Shin wheel.
A special grinding machine in the lathe apparatus lathe, using the grinding action of the wheel, and allows lathe having an inner,
The cylindrical grinder function, so that the workpiece can get better accuracy and surface roughness.
Second, precision machinery parts, size precision requirements in ± 0.003mm.
Third, the need concentricity processing work pieces after lathing, without disassembly of the workpiece,
Directly mounted on the lathe dedicated grinder, to obtain optimum concentricity.
Fourth, a lathe can become three operating machinery: lathes, bore grinder, OD grinder。

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