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end mill grinder operation manual

First, the safety instructions
1. Protective gear and clothing:
(1) operating the the cutter machine should wear goggles, to avoid the broken fragments of possible direct hit in the face or eyes and cause serious injury.
The ② operator should wear a dust mask to avoid dust inhalation throat and lungs and cause organ damage.
(3) Avoid wearing:
operator not wearing a tie, to avoid tie rolled into the grinding wheel within a neck injury.
wear long-sleeved should cuffs buttoned Sarkozy, to avoid the grinding wheel volume and cause hand injuries.
c. not wear gloves to avoid gloves clip into the grinding wheel, and cause damage to the machinery of.
D. If hair by hair coiled up or wearing a hat to cover their hair, avoid hair volume into the machinery caused serious injury of the scalp should be.
Installation location:
① Please end mill machine is placed on a solid platform.
(2) avoid placement in the following places:
a wet ground, because of this will result in a risk of electric shock.
b. prone to a gas leak, because the grinding process is prone to spark may cause an explosion or fire.
c dust and iron filings easily fall in place, so will affect the operation of the grinding wheel and reduce the life of the equipment.
d. easy to shake, so as not to cause the cutter to fall, and dangerous.
e. place of chemicals, chemical gases caused injury to the respiratory tract.
3. During use:
(1) does use the power cord is attached to the machine.
② operation face to maintain a certain distance to avoid cutter breakage, broken fragments of a direct hit in the face.
(3) other foreign parts and do not fall into the cutter groove to avoid grinding wheel stuck and cause damage.
④ grinding wheel rotation can not be put his hand into the cutter hole, avoid finger rubs.
⑤ into the power line switch, make sure the body switch is turned off.
⑥ in the process of milling machine, power cord incompressible put any heavy objects to avoid the power cord is damaged or broken, causing a sense of power
(7) When using the process to produce any unusual sound and produce any odor, immediately turn off the body switch and unplug
Power cord.
⑧ The machine features a temperature control switch (between 80 to 90 degrees), the motor will automatically stop, the body switches should be cut off and unplug
Out the power cord, until the temperature cooled before re-operation (motor cooling will start automatically, without the knowledge of easy
(1) turn off the main switch and unplug the power cord.
(2) before grinding wheel is yet to completely stop, do not move the body, and so likely to cause easy to shake the hand injury (not before stopping
③ not any external force and the tools to let the wheel stop, let it stop rotating.
④ After each use, clear the grinding wheel and machine powder and dust buildup to extend the life of the equipment.
⑤ powder is not removed, the accumulation of the powder will be likely to cause a fire and machine damage.
5 routine maintenance:
① replace the wheel and cleaning, be sure to confirm that the body switch off and unplug the power cord, and the grinding wheel is stopped
To maintain security.
Clean body, do not use water to clean, just use a high-pressure air gun to clean up the appearance and from the incision Block No. 1 poured into the air, cleared
After grinding iron filings.
③ not use organic solvents (such as toluene, bananas, water) to wipe the body, so as not to cause corrosion of machine (just use a dry cloth).
④ When the wheel wear, should be replaced with a new wheel. (Tungsten steel end mills use SDC diamond grinding wheel; high-speed steel end mills use
CBN diamond grinding wheel).

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