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Home >> Daily maintenance for Air Tapping machines
Daily maintenance for Air Tapping machines
Click:5237 Date:2012-5-23 16:49:12
Daily maintenance for  Air Tapping machines .
1.You should Often drain the water from air compressor . If not do drainage often,confidential the air compressor will have too much water, the water will flow to pneumatic motor inside, for a long time, the bearing will not agile. very important

2.Water cup of Pneumatic tapping machine( left of the cup) should often do drainage.very important
3. A double oil cup (on the right) need oiling often. Pneumatic tapping machines of pneumatic motor inside is consist of bearing and gear, so it need to lubrication. Oiling often, the job is flexible, pneumatic tapping machine will become durable.very important
4. When you doing  small diameter tapping, please adjust the Compressed air to 0.3Mpa, no need 0.6-0.8Mpa( very important)
when you use the air tapping machine, please often do the daily maintenance, and make the air tapping machine more durable.
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