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Home >> New products-Portable drill grinder PP30
New products-Portable drill grinder PP30
Click:3677 Date:2012-5-17 10:56:23

New products drill bit grinder PP-30
According to customer request, they need to resharp the drill bit from 3-30MM regularly,Our thor people have develop new machine for drill bit grinding from 3-30MM.
PP-30 Drill bit grinding machine is a machine which can sharp the drill bit from 3-30MM, it can reduce the machine numbers,
Grinding range: PP-30  3-30MM
Point angle: 90°-150°
Power: 220V/450W
Speed: 4000RPM
Diamond grinding wheel: CBN or SDC
PP-30Standard collets:ER40collets:9-30MM,ER20collets:3-8MM
Standard accessory: 5mm hex wrench
Pruduct size: 45.7×22.5×23.5cm
Package size: 48×24.5×25.5cm
Gross weight: PP-30:37Kg

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