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Drill and cutter grinderTR-32N
Product name : Drill and cutter grinderTR-32N

Model Number : TR-32N

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Drill and cutter grinder(TR-32N)

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1. Grinding capacity: Dia:3 ~32mm (Straight shank & taper shank,the taper shank can be extend to 76MM) double wheels. It
only need to rotate the motor when want to grind the tool of different material.
It can increase the safety & save the time for changing & repairing the grinding
2. The kinds of grinding tool include: drills, step drills, taps, lips of end mills,
round bars, etc.
3. Adopts precision 4" 6 pawl self-centering chuck, clipping one time.
4. It can grind the blade of drills and do the paring of drills abdomen. The angle
of drills both sides and the length of the blade are the same after grinding.
It can keep the accuracy of the center of drills without off center.
5. Double cams: The cam of grinding drills & The cam of grinding taps

Product Specification/Models
Technical Date:
Longitudinal travel of table: 90mm
Cross travel of saddle: 150mm
Rotary angle of wheel head: 360degree
Point angle: 90degree-180degree
Size of wheel: 125 x 50 x 31.75mm
Speed of wheel: 2800 RPM
Motor: 3/4 HP, 220V/380V
N.W./G.W.: 95kgs/120kgs
Size of packing (L x W x H): 820 x 550 x 670mm

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