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Drill grinder TR-21
Product name : Drill grinder TR-21

Model Number : TR-21

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universal drill grinder TR-21
operation video:

Drill grinder's Features:
This drill grinder is a special equipment for resharpening drills.
Which produced by our Co., wins praise from customers for its smart, accurate, effective, reliable, long lasting and low-cost features.
The geometric forms and surface roughness of drill resharpened can be guaranteed by high rigidity, accurate position and rational structure of this grinder.
According to some users investigation the cost to buy this machine can be paid off within one month by saving 3 or 4 working hour a day through reducing wear of drill, grinding wheel etc…
Taking into consideration of that a standard reground drill can improve working speed and quality, its economic benefit will be greater than above mentioned.
Apart from being a special drill grinder it can also be used for grinding other cutters or crafts by changing kinds of grinding wheels or dressed forms of grinding wheels.

It can grind high-speed steel and hard alloy steel of twist drill, ladder drill, throng drill, thin wall drill, percussion drilling, anomalous drill, etc.

Drill grinder's technical parameters:
Grinding range: 3-21mm
Grinding wheel diameter: 125mm
Top angle: 30°-180°
Relief angle: 0°-15°
Power: 220V/180W 50HZ
Speed: 2800rpm
Dimension: 46×28×29cm
Weight: 11.5kg

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