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Home >> Product >>7*14 mini metal lathe
7*14 mini metal lathe
7*14 mini metal lathe
7*14 mini metal lathe

Product name : 7*14 mini metal lathe

Model Number : 2021111710136

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Product Application

This precision mini lathe is designed to perform various types of metal turning. This machine can be used in areas such as mini precision parts processing, sample processing and modeling works. The precision mini lathe is perfect for the hobbyist or modeler who is looking to add finite detail to their construction project.

Whether you're turning, counter facing or making bushings, spindles, prototypes or models, this precision mini lathe will meet the challenge! With 18 threads, automatic feed and a chuck guard with micro switch, this mini lathe is ideal for use in labs, workshops, engineering and educational settings. 

Product advantage

Open the switch to start the operation, do not need to worry about not touch the boot to bring security risks, emergency shutdown, just take the red cover to shut down, very safe.

Telescopic sets with scale, you can intuitively see the length of the telescopic handle scale, precise scaling can be digitally standardized, but also lateral movement.
By adjusting the speed switch can control the spindle speed 100 to 2500RPM.

Machine is equipped with strong nylon gears, power strong, wear-resistant, durable, more accurate rotation. In particular, the thread is more accurate.

Machine using four-way rotating turret, which can be four common turning.
Large slide mobile handle, small slide mobile handle, bed saddle mobile handle, tailstock mobile handle, tailstock telescopic cover, tailstock side of the moving position of the scale, the operation more accurate, more professional performance. 

Technical Data
550w mini lathe
Variable Speed Gear
Plastic Nylon
Spindle Taper
Tail Stock Taper
Distance Between Centers
14" (350mm)
Swing Over Bed
7" (180mm)
Chuck Diameter
3.93" (100mm)
Spindle Bore
0.8" (21mm)
Cross Slide Travel
2.56" (65mm)
Top Slide Travel
1.38" (35mm)
Range of Metric Threads
0.5-2.5" (12-52 T.P.I Range of Imperial Threads)
Spindle Accuracy
0.0004" (0.01mm)
Spindle Speed
100-2500 RPM Infinitely Variable
Power Of Motor

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